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-May 29, 2003-

*So, Shea is now a memeber of the Arizona Diamondbacks...This is an outrage, to say the least. I cannot even believe why they would trade him for some Butsomebum..or whatever his name is. Shea is an outstanding ball player and I am going to Arizona to see him play.*

*Welcome to Shea Mania! This site will have tons of pics as well as info on the man who was hottest and most talented player on the Red Sox...yea that's Shea Hillenbrand .So feel free to look around and enjoy yourself. Also if you have any pics or info email me.*

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Here is Shea when he was on the Trenton Thunder.(How cute is he?)

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just so people know i am in no way connected to shea hillenbrand. i keep getting emails from people who think i'm him. lol which clearly i'm not. thanks! :)